10am WOD here at CFTC.

Halloween party tonight at Jennifer and Thierry’s house.  Flyer is on the Bathroom doors.

October 26, from 9am – 1pm for a CrossFit workout at Dick’s Sporting Goods in the St. John’s Town Center.  This FREE event caters to all levels of fitness and no experience is required.  Enter for your chance to win part of $900 in Reebok CrossFit gear and  a coupon for 20% off Reebok CrossFit gear at Dick’s the day of the event .  The event will consist of 2 parts, a general “CrossFit Experience” for someone of any skill level and an advance workout for more advanced CrossFit athletes.  We are… looking for participants for both parts of the event.  All athletes that sign up for the “CrossFit Experience” will be coached through a workout, given an event T-Shirt, provided a 20% off coupon for Reebok CrossFit gear, and entered into a drawing for $200 worth of Reebok CrossFit gear. You do not have to have the fastest time or best performance to win.  In addition to the general event, we are also holding a competition for more advanced athletes to be shown as an exhibition.  Theses athletes will be given an event T-Shirt, provided a 20% off coupon for Reebok CrossFit gear, and compete to win $200 (1st), $100 (2nd), or $50 (3rd) in Reebok CrossFit Gear.  Athletes that are familiar with typical CrossFit movements and comfortable with the olympic lifts will be able to complete the competition workout.


Halloween WOD’s on 10/31 (Next Thursday).  Wear your costume to WOD in, all classes.  There will be a frightening penalty for those not in costume.  And before you ask, coming as a crossfitter does not count.