What you NEED TO KNOW about Jane Allen: She’s a massage therapist. Her office is inside CrossFit Total Control. To make an appointment text or call her! (954)-849-3200

What you don’t need to know, but is just fun: Jane Allen is exactly the kind of person who needs to spend lots of time at a CrossFit gym. She thinks anatomy and physiology are crazy cool, has far too much energy, and loves to climb things. Outside of CrossFit and massage her favorite things are circus and fancy pants (leggings rock!). Before moving to Jacksonville, Jane was a career student at the University of Florida – until finally graduating with a completely useless degree in art history. In addition to being a massage therapist she works as a pole dance instructor, and performs with Releve aerial dance group.



Strength: Farmers Carry: 8x80ft


WOD: 10 Minute AMRAP

10-Slam Balls

10-Air Squats