Today will be Open Gym All Classes All Times to either work on mobility or strategy for Open WOD 14.1 on Saturday or to grab a Judge and knock it out during class time.

Don’t Forget that We are Hosting the Open WOD tomorrow starting at 11am.  The link to register for heats is below.  If you do not care what time your heat goes then just show up and sign up when you get here.   It is free either way.  We should have a great turnout from the CrossFit East Community, so don’t forget to wear your slickest CrossFit gear(Obviously that means a CFTC shirt).  If you do not have one, I am sure Russ would be more than happy to sell you one.

Open WOD 14. 1 is:
10min Amrap
15 power snatches 75/55




Whats that you still have not registered…….Well it’s not too late.
Last done 2/11/14: see picture below.

Go to and take care of it.

Also, go to and sign up for the Open WOD here on Saturday