Why not some food ideas to lead into the Final Results of our Nutrition Challenge. Please congratulate the following members when you see them around the Box. Nice work guys.

Most lbs lost

1. Chris Mottas 1. Anne Bruckman
2. Terry Shaw 2. Debbie Ramsay

Best Performance on the Wod Christine

1. Thomas Bloodworth 1. Stephanie Anderson
2. Jarod Jones 2. Kelsey Parra

Body Composition Change
1. Brandon Cowart 1. Christina Greene

Most Inchs Lost
1. Jasper Carter 1. Breanna Meeks
2. Micah Woods 2. Alison Mottas

First Prize receives Choice of Reebok Shoes and Bag Progenex Recovery
Second Prize is a Bag of Progenex.


4x500m Row (Every 5 Minutes on the Minute)

*Record Slowest Time

WOD: 10 Minute AMRAP (Baby Kalsu)

Thrusters (95/65)

**5 Burpees EMOM (starting with first minute