Don’t forget that Open WOD 14.5 will be released tonight at 8pm. This will be the last chance to come watch the release show at the box on the big screen. Announcement is at 8:00 with whomever would like to try the workout right away, having their chance immediately following.


14.5 is at Crossfit Southside this Saturday at 11am.  Go online to and sign up for a heat.



Skill: KB Snatch


WOD: 5 Minute AMRAP

KB Snatch (Alternate hands when you like, but must be even reps for right and left hands) (55/35#)


1 Mile Run

*Run starts as soon as the 5 Minute AMRAP ends, it will be a continuous running clock.

** Score is Max KB Snatches and Total Time


Last Done 9/10/13