For those of you that do not know the South East Regional Competition will be held here in Jacksonville at the Arena this year.  It will be Friday to Sunday May 9-11.  Tickets are on sale at .   It is $20 for a one day pass and $50 for the full 3-day weekend.  It will be an awesome time watching all of the top athletes in the region throwing down for a chance to compete at the CrossFit Games in California in July.

Also, congratulations to all of our athletes individual performances in the Open this year.  Through your hard work, as team we came within a whisper of getting our team into the regional competition.  They select the top 30 Teams in each region to compete at Regionals for a chance at moving on to the CrossFit Games.  This year we finished in a tie for 32nd.    And as it would turn out 2 of the top 30 teams declined their invitation to Regionals.  We lost out on the tie breaker with the other team in 32nd due to a terribly complicated tie breaker that Einstein himself could not have figured out.    But still pretty cool to get that close.


WOD: 3 Rounds

2 Minute Max Effort Row for Cals

2 Minute Max Effort Rope Climbs

2 Minute Max Effort Slam Ball Situps

2 Minute Rest


Score is total # of Reps plus Calories

**A minimum of 5 Rope Climbs each round is required for Rx