We are pleased to announce that we have 2 new interns beginning their coaching journey with us here at CFTC. If you have not met them already, you are sure to see them hanging around the Box much more in the future. So if you see them sitting on the couch…..ever, please feel free to take their seat. They should be working.

Nate Pennington


I started my CrossFit journey in the summer of 2010 in a buddy’s garage. Armed with nothing but a squat rack and bumper plates we crushed mainsite WODs daily. After setting the probably still standing world record for longest Fran ever at Jarboe Park and watching video of myself doing a couple hang cleans, I decided I might need a coach. I joined CFJAX that fall and met a couple awesome dudes—Tom and Derek—and fell in love with CrossFit. Oh and Russ was there too. A couple months later I got my L1 cert and I haven’t looked back since. I literally can’t turn my head around because of how big CrossFit made my traps.

I started CrossFit with almost zero athletic background and I wholeheartedly believe that you don’t have to have been an athlete to be an athlete. I love weightlifting and the joy of hitting a PR is only eclipsed by seeing someone else hit one. Let’s slam some bars! (15# plates and higher only please)

Joe Schinner


Joe Schinner recently moved to Jacksonville, FL after living in the St. Louis, MO area his entire life. He has an Associate Degree in Fire Science and served as a firefighter for 5 years. He is also a registered EMT and has his certification in CPR and first aid. He has been an athlete his entire life and played baseball and soccer in high school. He has also played competitive softball for many years and enjoys playing golf. His Crossfit journey began in 2012 when he was visiting a longtime friend out of town and was invited to their box to participate in a partner WOD. Since that first experience with Crossfit, he has been hooked. He loves the intensity and the comradery that comes with being a part of Crossfit. He has participated in many competitions and won Fittest Firefighter in the Metro East in 2013. He took the Crossfit L1 course last year and began coaching at his last box. He loves helping athletes improve their fitness and reach their goals.

Strength: Find a 1RM HBBS

WOD: 8 Minute AMRAP

10 – Slamball Burpees (30/20)
10 – Russian Twists (30/20)