New Saturday Schedule is as follows:

8:50am: Competition Class (See Below for more info)
9:00am: New Oly/Gymnastics Lifting Fundamentals Class (See Below for more info)
9:00am: Advanced Oly Lifting Club
10:00am: Regular Class WOD

Due to the changing needs and demands at the box we have decided to add a basic olympic lifting/ gymnastic skills class at 9 am on Saturday. This will take the place of the Strongman class. The class is designed for those members that would like to improve their lifting or gymnastic skills. The current olympic lifting class will therefore be shifting its focus to more advanced lifters that have mastered the basics with all of the olympic lifts.
We are also adding a competitors class on Saturday morning at 8:50 am. This class will be coach led but the movements and WOD will not be coached. This class will have a set WOD and is by no means an open gym time. There are several criteria that must be met before participating in this class. You should be skilled in all olympic and gymnastic skills, including squat snatch and muscle ups. You should plan on competing at least 3 times a year whether it be as an individual or as a team. You also must have an unlimited membership. If you are interested in the class then please see Tom or Russ.