CrossFit can be an exercise in frustration more often than not. The first year you can’t do anything and the things you can do, you probably don’t do them right. The next couple of years are spent banging your head against a wall trying to learn high-level gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting and leaving the gym in a huff because you still aren’t “getting it”. Well I have some good news and some bad news. You’ll never “get it”. Mastery in CrossFit will never come because the goalposts are constantly moving.


Goals are important and they give us something to work towards but sooner or later we all need to realize that fitness across broad times and modal domains (aka CrossFit) is an asymptote. Unless your name is Rich Froning or Matt Fraser, you’ll keep getting closer but you’ll never touch it. Don’t look at that as disheartening but rather as freeing. You’ll never be perfect but you sure as hell can get a little bit better at one thing every day. You might not see the progress as easily as we (your coaches) do but it’s happening. So you didn’t PR your back squat at the end of the last squat cycle but maybe you lost ten pounds and dropped five seconds off your 500m row time and can now do five strict pull-ups. That’s a win.


The recipe for success in the gym is to enjoy the process. Do what you need to do outside the gym (diet, sleep, get stress under control) and come in, work hard, and have fun at the gym. If you leave happy and smiling, you’ll be back and ready to hit it hard tomorrow.


Focus on what you have and what you can do not on what you don’t have and what you can’t do.