Hey everyone!


We are coming up on February and while most gym-goers are losing steam and burning out, as CrossFitters we are ramping up to the beginning of the 2018 CrossFit Games Open! If you are new to the gym or to CrossFit you might not know what that means, so I’m going to give you the rundown!


Since 2011, CrossFit has made the path to the CrossFit Games open to everyone by holding a 5-week online qualifier called the CrossFit Open. Each week a new workout is released and competitors have the whole week to submit a score and through an online scoring system are ranked and the top competitors after all 5 weeks move onto the Regional level.


What does this mean for those of us that aren’t at the CrossFit Games level? Starting in 2015, CrossFit added a scaled division for all of the Open workouts. If you can’t do muscle-ups or pull-ups, it’s no longer a requirement in the scale division! It makes the Open inclusive to everyone. In addition to the scaled division, there are masters and youth divisions for both Rx and Scaled categories.


When you sign-up for the CrossFit Open you log your score for the workout that week and you can see how you stack up against people in your age group, skill level, geographic region, and a bunch of other categories! It gives you a chance to push yourself a little bit harder than you normally do at the gym and gives everyone a taste of the competitive spirit that we all have inside of us.

It’s not really all about the competition though. The feeling of finishing a brutal CrossFit Open workout surrounded by all your gym friends cheering you on and pushing you is amazing and it’s only rivaled by the opportunity to do the same for everyone else at the gym when they are going through the same thing. It’s a really special time of year and it’s why I’ve done it for 7 years in a row and I can’t wait for number 8!


As far as the Open at CFTC and CFTCW, the workouts are released on Thursday nights starting on February 22nd and on Friday the WOD at the gym will be the Open workout. You will have a judge and they will count your reps and make sure you are following the workout standards and then you’ll get a sheet with your score so you can log it on the games.crossfit.com website. If you can’t make it on Friday to do the workout, Saturday morning at 8:30 will be a repeat of the WOD so you will have plenty of chances!


So what’s the first step? Go to https://games.crossfit.com/register/athlete and sign-up and make sure to select CrossFit Total Control as your affiliate and as your team (or CrossFit Total Control West if you’re a member there). Once you’ve done that, we will all wait for February 22nd like it’s Christmas morning! I can’t wait for all of you that have never done the Open to experience how awesome it really is and I can’t wait to get after it again with all the veterans! See you at the gym!