The apocalypse competition was a great success, CFTC had 14 athletes compete and most of which it was their first time. The fire inside has now been started. As your coach it is very rewarding to watch you accomplish things you have been working on for months prior. To see over 20 members take time off from their Saturday to come support and watch their fellow teammates compete makes my day ! Lots of Pr’s !! The CrossFit East family and the local community is very strong, it amazing to be involved in such events !
Competitions like these are where you find you out a lot about your training and your diet. The prior months before and the last few weeks are extremely important.

You should have learned a lot about your body, how nervous do you get ? Remember the trick is to get the butterfly’s to fly in formation. Can you hold your food down? Do you have to pee every 5 minutes? How much food should you pack for the whole day, how many protein shakes will you have, how does your body react to 4-5 wods when you can’t leave. The rest and recovery needed between each wod? How much time is needed for mobility before and after each wod. You can only learn these things by competing, I am writing this because everyone wants to get better and I received a lot of feedback and comments from people saying they wish they took their training more seriously or they wish they did more Olympic Lifts, could do more pull-ups etc…Take some time to stay after and work on a weakness and master it every month. The small gym has everything you need and the competitor wods are put up to help you, take an Olympic lifting class every once in a while and make your sure you have fun while doing it all.
“Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general.”
-Mark Rippetoe
So When is your next competition? What are you training for ?

12 min to find max Hanging Squat Snatch

4 rounds for time of:

5 Power Snatches 115/75#
10 BB Step-ups 20″ 115/75#
20 Lateral Burpees

*Every 3 minutes beginning on the 3rd minute, no matter where the athlete is on the WOD, the BB must be held overhead (using a snatch grip) for 30 seconds. If the bar is dropped at any time during the 30 seconds, there is a 20 penalty Burpee to be performed after the WOD is complete.

Whats a BB step up ?

This is a CrossFit OutLaw WOD Click here to Compare