CrossFit Power Lifting Trainer Course in Chicago

I specifically chose this certification to attend because I wanted to develope our programing around the Conjugate System that is scientifically proven to work. Lowers Injury rates and gives you longevity in CrossFit and all sports.
What is the Conjugate System ? In 1972, the most successful weightlifting club in history, Russian Dynamo Club, experimented by rotating 25-45 special exercises, to avoid accommodation, with great success. Thus, the Conjugate system was born. Fast forward to 1983, Louie Simmons, founder of Westside Barbell coupled the Russian Conjugate and Bulgarian systems. This created the most optimal way to strength train for Powerlifting and for all sports. This system comes from Olympic lifting and track and field, ideal platforms for CrossFit. CrossFit is constantly varied, making it a form of the conjugate system for endurance.

You will be seeing alot of new movements over the next 4 weeks and more importantly we will focus on your weaknesses or better know as accessory movements to build up your lagging body parts. One thing that I have seen is lack have hamstring development weak spinal erectors and tricep strength. This course has shown me new movements to focus on to help get your squat, deadlift, snatch, hspu…etc and lower injury rates. This Conjugate system uses a combination of 50-60% of barbell weight and 25% tension with bands. If you are interested in learning more please see Russell and he will give you a handout and explain this system better.

Most of you are familiar with CrossFit OutLaw, Rudy uses the same system (Limitied Conjugate method) and has a huge following, these people have great success. Our Instructor said alot of the movements arent even done (Limited) system which means even more for success. Click here if youd like to read Rudys blog on his programing. A good example if you are weak in movement such as deadlift or HSPU you need to work lagging muscle groups surronding the “Hamstrings” or “triceps” to be able to deadlift or press more.

SkillOverhead Squat
OHS 95/65#