Derek and Chandler mirin’.

10 minute max “Z” press (45/35)

Z press test = Sit on the floor legs extended with upright posture. Maintain an upright posture. Don’t slouch. Attempt to sit on your hamstrings to make the low back stay tight. Perform the movement like a standard overhead press in terms of bar path. Press the bar over the spine. Keep the heels and backs of the knees glued to the floor. Try not to move them. Men use 45, women use 35lb bar. Press as many times as possible in 10 minutes, with full lockout at top head through the window and bar to chest in bottom. Bar may rest on top of quads during rest.


20 min emom

minute 1 : row 250m/200m

minute 2 : 10 handstand push-ups

minute 3 : 12 walking lunges with kettlebells

minute 4 : 20 hollow rocks