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Class times are Tuesday at 6:30pm, Thursday 6:30pm and Saturday at 9am.

The sport of weightlifting is a recognized Olympic Sport, which involves a tremendous amount of technique, focus, flexibility, and dedication. Strength, although important, it is not the only factor that makes up a successful athlete. In competition, the competitor is also judged on form. Thus, it is possible to lift a desired weight overhead, but not receive credit for it if it was done improperly.
That’s where the other abilities take place and abilities are learned. A weight lifting team, which is comprised of male and female athletes ages 11 and up, practice 5 days a week. They are each categorized in their respective weight divisions, and compete at local and state competitions every 8 weeks. Once the athlete has improved appropriately in their strength and technique, they receive opportunities to qualify for national competitions.
This is one of the most exciting aspects of Olympic Lifting. Once qualified for a national meet, the lifter will represent Team Florida Weightlifting, which is the state’s official team. Given t-shirts and/or warm up suits, the lifter proudly competes in their respective body weight division, and earns a national ranking. Depending on the athlete’s abilities there on out, he/she can continue to grow and perhaps earn a spot on the U. S. A. Team, which travels out of the country for competitions (all expenses paid).
There are many benefits to competing in an Olympic Sport, many of which begin at CrossFit Total Control. For more information on how to join the competition team, please contact Derek Weikert or Russell Peters.

Derek Wiekert

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
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USAW Level 1 Sports Performance Coach
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