kristen-curtis-1Dr. Kristen Curtis graduated with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2013. Kristen is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association, a member of the Orthopedic Section and continues to attend continuing education courses to improve her knowledge and skill set.

Kristen has also received her certification as a Selective Functional Movement Analyst (SFMA). This is a movement based assessment used to identify dysfunctional movement patterns based on either a mobility or stability and motor control problem in those with musculoskeletal pain.

As Kristen has always maintained an active lifestyle, she has experienced multiple orthopedic injuries herself. She understands that for an athlete, there is almost nothing worse than being injured. Kristen knows firsthand the journey of rehabbing an injury in order to return to something you love. She is passionate about and dedicated to helping fellow athletes prevent injuries and/or rehab existing injuries to return to their full potential.

Kristen created the business AMRAP Physical Therapy (Assess Movement Restrictions and Performance) to help people move efficiently, symmetrically and pain free. The ultimate goal is to help others keep doing what they love, inside and outside of the CrossFit gym!

Kristen is available by appointment at CrossFit Total Control. You can reach her from the contact information listed below.

Dr. Kristen Curtis, DPT, SFMA