Amanda R.

My struggle started a while ago back in ‘07 when my mom passed away. I turned to food like most people do and the weight packed on. I lived this way for YEARS! It wasn’t until I moved to Florida in 2014 that I was just crushed by how bad I let myself go. I weighed 194 pounds and being 5’3 it looked awful on me! It was a choice and I chose to live for food. In March of 2015, I decided to take control of my weight and joined Bailey’s. It worked for a little while but I didn’t enjoy the treadmill life. In June of 2016, I had friends who had just started CrossFit and saw how much they instantly loved it so I gave CrossFit a try and I was hooked! I can’t even picture what my appearance would be like now if I hadn’t found CrossFit. At the beginning of December 2017, I decided to take a leap to better myself and I joined CrossFit Total Control West. It has by far been the most rewarding experience of my life. When I joined West, I was 150 pounds and needed a big push to break that number. The coaches at West have done nothing but push me daily and I couldn’t be more thankful. Here I am, not even 10 months later, and I am 133 pounds (most of the timeJ) and the strongest I have ever been. So I say, if you are reading this give it a try. It will be the best ride of your life. CrossFit will show you strength that you never knew you had daily.

M. Cardwell

When I first got into law enforcement, I was the heaviest I have ever been at 200 pounds. My first day on the job, I got a call about a burglary. Although this time the culprit was compliant, I realized that if they had run, I would not have been able to catch them due to my size. 

That is when I got serious about CrossFit. I started attending Total Control classes regularly and changed my diet. Within 6 months, I lost 35 pounds! 

Law enforcement was the driver I needed to lose weight, but once the weight started coming off, I realized how much I was missing out on–running, fighting, jumping, etc. CrossFit taught me about what my body can do vs. what it looks like.